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Moon Raven Designs was born from the artistic mind of Michael R. Doyle, the creative outlet for a lifelong passion of nature and the design habits of mother nature.  His interest for producing jewelry versions of human and animal anatomy has been with him since childhood when he would go out into the forest to look for skeleton remains of animals.

Taking from mother natures inspiration Michael transcends nature’s function over form and creates simple and interesting pieces, each with its own detail and intrigue.  

Michael and his wife call Vancouver Island, British Columbia home.  His west coast studio is surrounded by a vast array of wildlife that literally live in his backyard and as he says, there really are no words to describe the natural beauty and power. 





Inspired by Dreams


Creativity is boundless. Imagination is free. Believe in the infinite possibilities.


Infinite Mantra is a soul-inspiring brand created by Lindsay Kokoska.  


Infinite Mantra forms the roots of her artistic creativity, evolving from the universe, yoga disciplines and the infinite possibilities extended to us by nature every day.


Travel, nature and culture are the disciplines forming the heart of Lindsay’s art.  Starting out as a mixed media artist, Lindsay has branched out into graphic arts and surface design over the years.


With a passion for sacred geometry, her local environment, patterns and shapes with a special infinity for rich yet muted color pallets, artistic creativity matured expanding into fashion and textile design, and thus Infinite Mantra was conceived. 


Born in Canada, Lindsay has lived in various countries and cultures from East Asia to the Middle East, currently lives in Canada and part time in Marrakech, Morocco with her husband and son.






We are Blair and Sarah Dawes. Our passion is art, the sea, our dog and each other. After graduating from Alberta College of Art and Design in 2005 our ideas about art and each other have taken us on a crazy journey. Our focus is on fun and creative art work as well as custom designs. We are currently based out of Calgary Alberta with dreams of moving the whole ship, so to speak, to the Pacific Rim of Vancouver Island.  We are easygoing, free spirited and a little crazy. We want all of our work to reflect this attitude. Our inspiration and creative ideas come from many sources and our work changes accordingly. One thing that will never change is our work will always come from our hearts. It's a little piece of us that we hope makes you laugh, smile and enjoy.

Sarah & Blair





Each pair of our purposely mismatched socks are designed in Canada, and ethically made in Italy using OEKO-TEX® certified Egyptian Combed Cotton. Our soft cotton yarns are tested for harmful materials and produced in an eco-friendly environment. 

Our mission is simple. We make super-fun mismatched socks, as responsibly as possible, while giving back to the community and beyond. We hope you love our socks.


A portion of all sales are donated to charity. 






I’m English and I’m Canadian, I speak with a clipped accent and a large amount of sarcasm, I read too much, swear too much and I knit too much.   I have a passing knowledge of Astrophysics, Middle Egyptian, Landscape design and bread making, I drink tea constantly and leave half drunk cold cups all over my workroom.


My hair is silvering, my beard is gingery and my eyes are green – the rest is subject to change…


All my life I have been a maker, creating things from basic materials give me a tremendous joy and release, I enjoy the challenge that making things provides. If I see something creative that I like, I wonder if I could make it myself, it makes me a terrible customer for other creatives, but it does mean I try lots of new things.


When I was seven I was given a copy of the Tale of the One way Street.  It was illustrated by the great Polish papercut artist Jan Pienkowskihas  – they so inspired me that I started to copy his and them make my own, thirty odd years later I’m still at it because for years I made my own seasonal greetings cards and sent them to friends and family for a number of years eventually, after stupidly posting them on Facecbook, I started to get orders…


The rest is history.


 Adrian lives in Paradise, Nova Scotia with his partner, two children, two cats, black Labrador, a flock of weird chickens and a one legged Muscovy duck. 




Lesley Blocha is the creative mover, maker and shaker behind The ElleBee Tree. She was born and raised in Kelowna, BC. Professional development brought her to Calgary, AB and now creative purpose keeps her there. She is a self-proclaimed collector, a lover of unique findings and she revels in all that is rustic and right in the world. She can't say no to a beautiful textile or anything with a bunny on it and she finds joy in riding the path of her own makers journey.






Hi, welcome to my Mod//Ménage! My name is Erin, and I love to create!


Whether it's creating an identity for a new business, recreating an old one, or capturing the perfect moment for a magazine, corporate shoot or for a family. When I'm not designing or photographing, I'm thinking about it, and dreaming of it.

A few other things about me
(just to get to know one another a bit better):
I LOVE cookies . . . any kind will do
I could eat hot dogs almost on a daily basis. . .
I love to waterski, and just generally have a need to be around water
I have a wonderful husband, 2 daughters and 2 delightful hairless kitties
I'm a born and raised Calgarian
I'm a foosball master. Seriously, I am.
I am a yogi and instructor

I wear flipflops for as long as is humanly possible!





My passion is drawing, painting and jewelry design. The material I use for my jewelry is shrink plastic. With this incredible material, which resembles working with paper and pen, I am able to create pieces that are wearable. I like to think that I am making wearable art.

My inspiration for my pieces (both jewelry, drawings and painting) comes from nature, geometric shapes and architecture. I always let myself get inspired by my surroundings - from a blue and orange sunset to peeling textures of an old concrete wall.

I believe that inspiration can be found everywhere.






Welcome to Fashionelle Studio. We are a mom and daughter team from Toronto, Canada. I am the daughter and my background is in Finance. I have taken Visual Arts courses throughout school and university. I am passionate about designing & creating be it jewelry, clothing, oil paintings or DIY projects at home. 

My mom has always loved to sew and knit. She took sewing classes when she got interested and used to work as a supervisor in the sewing department of a small business when she started out. She has sewn occasionally since then. My sister told us about Etsy and we decided to open up our own shop in 2014. 

My mom helps to sew and knit in our shop. She has also taught me how to sew and continues to teach me new things. I am a CPA and love handling the business aspect of the shop in addition to sewing and handcrafting jewelry.

We like working with various fabrics and materials. This way we can let our creativity and imagination inspire us to create unique, handcrafted items. We personally select all the fabrics and jewelry supplies for our shop. We handcraft all of the items in our home studio in Toronto. 






Cabinet of Curiosity

A few years ago, I made custom illustrated cards for family and friends. Each card was unique and hand painted. I fell in love with the process and the joy it brought to everyone.

It's my little cocoon to explore new techniques. I'm happiest when I can put a pencil in my hand to sketch a creature or a paintbrush to bring my illustrations to life. I was including knitting in the mix, but it's time for new challenges with my illustrations and artwork. My handcrafted goods have grown and evolved and I hope you'd love to follow me on this journey into this cabinet of whimsical curiosity.


Jenny Chan





I’m Michelle Atkinson and I singlehandedly run Jewelnotes from my glass studio in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I create one-of-a-kind glass jewelry, home decor and sculpture inspired by nature and magic.

Each piece of my jewelry is a little slice of fantasy captured for the wearer to enjoy. We all believed in magic when we were young and my jewelry aims to keep that dream alive with a little sparkle and a little fun.

To minimize environmental impact, I utilize  scrap dichroic glass (end cuts) from the manufacturer and layer the pieces, thus creating one-of-a-kind colours.  Never knowing what colours will arrive at the studio is all part of the uniqueness of my line.