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Long Stem Champagne Flutes
Brynn Tyler Design

Long Stem Champagne Flutes


Blackened Bronze
Verigated Red




Glass, Metal


NEW Long Stemmed champagne glasses! These were a huge hit this summer, and I sold out before I could take pictures of all of the colours. These are a perfect wedding Gift for the perfect bride and groom, or the entire head table! These are an excellent choice as an elegant present, or for your own special night. These are the perfect blend of sophistication and glam. The Perfect present.

These Glasses have been personally hand gilded.
There has also been 3 layers of gloss topcoat applied to the leaf to seal it.
These glasses pass through our hands no less than 8 times from start to finish. They are truly a labour of love.

The metal leaf and topcoats we use are very high quality, but if not handled properly...they can and will get damaged. Dishwasher will ruin instantly...the heat and excess water are just too much. Hand washing with mild soap and warm water, and left to air dry upside down is a must to ensure long lasting usage. Don't allow glasses to sit in standing water (like in the bottom of the husband learned this the hard way!) We will send a care card with every purchase. We are not responsible for artwork failing due to misuse or mishandling

Note:  Price is per glass.

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