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Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb
Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb
Deleux’s Bath Products

Strawberries and Cream Bath Bomb


A beautiful heart-shaped bath bomb with a tiny strawberry soap and drizzled in a luxurious cocoa butter drizzle.


This fantastically fruity blend is a whirlwind of succulent strawberries, sweet vanilla sugar, and sticky syrup.


Changes the water colour and creates foaming bubbles! Soak and relax in your choice of scent. I've spent a long time tweaking this recipe and I've finally found one that I love! You drop into a tub filled with water and you get foam, drop into running water and you get bubbles! They do not leave a ring around the tub, do not stain your skin, and they do not fall apart (or fizz out quickly). 


Each comes packaged with a tag. Perfect for birthday gifts, stocking stuffers, bridal showers, anniversaries, housewarmings, etc!


CAUTION: Not recommended for children under the age of 3.

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