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We hope you have fun spoiling your mom this Mother's Day!

Meet Mod//Menage

Hi, welcome to my Mod//Ménage! My name is Erin, and I love to create!


Whether it's creating an identity for a new business, recreating an old one, or capturing the perfect moment for a magazine, corporate shoot or for a family. When I'm not designing or photographing, I'm thinking about it, and dreaming of it.

A few other things about me
(just to get to know one another a bit better):
I LOVE cookies . . . any kind will do
I could eat hot dogs almost on a daily basis. . .
I love to waterski, and just generally have a need to be around water
I have a wonderful husband, 2 daughters and 2 delightful hairless kitties
I'm a born and raised Calgarian
I'm a foosball master. Seriously, I am.
I am a yogi and instructor

I wear flipflops for as long as is humanly possible!


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