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Have you ever dreamed of having your own large conspiracy? I have.  

To clarify quickly a conspiracy is what you call a gathering of ravens so in my case I'd love to have a gathering of people who love Canadian made products and unique gifts as much as I do.

The Raven's Room was the combining of two passions.

  1. Love of Canadian Made items.
  2. Love of working retail and helping people find one of a kind gifts.  Finding the perfect gift is kind of an obsession of mine!

The extra bonus from this combo of love is that it can have very real benefits to my community and our economy by keeping more money in our own backyard so to speak.  In a time of recession I want to focus on the amazing talents and skills that are being found right here in our own country!  I'm often in awe of the level of skill and craftsmanship that is all around us and that now is getting a chance to be in the spotlight.  The quality of items made by our makers is truly astounding.  My mission is to share their amazing works made with love, sweat, and tears with you, the lovers of one of a kind and supporters of Canadian made!

My promise to you is that every piece is hand picked and curated into the collection with a strong focus on keeping it Canadian.  Therefore 80% or more of the items you will find in my store are made and/or designed here in Canada and have been touched, tested, and reviewed by me before reaching the store for you to purchase.

So if you are a tactile shopper come visit me because you are my people!  If you love to have the convenience of shopping online I'll try to make sure to provide you with loads of beautiful product with helpful pictures and descriptions but don't be afraid to reach out for more info on anything in the store as more than likely I will have a great story to share with you with helpful insights into all the items.

On that note a lot of our products go towards different charities like the AARC, The Children's Hospital, and several other amazing organizations! Support community with us and drop in to check out all the treasures waiting for you.

One last note that not everything in the physical store is available on our online store so be sure to drop in when you can as we have loads more than what you'll see here! 

Can’t wait to meet you!