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Bad Demon Socks
The Lonely Avocado

Bad Demon Socks


Cute Witchcraft Crystal Socks – Go Away Bad Demons!
ROCK MY SOX – By The Lonely Avocado
Premium soft-combed cotton socks with a twist.



First of all, I do not care if you love witchcraft because it is the latest trend or because you are a badass witch bitch with magical powers. For these reasons the bad demon socks were even more so specifically made for YOU.

These socks are mostly dark purple with black, light blue, pink and yellow accents. They feature spell books, quartz crystals and all-seeing eyes for protection. Certainly there are words plastered all over the socks that warn the demons to bid you adieu.

I would say maybe focus on more of the light energythan the dark energy and find balance. If you can’t find balance, you may find yourself hailing Satan,when you should possibly be having your freak’n *Fingies crossed that Sky Daddy comes to your rescue when you on your way outie5000.

Do you know any spells that will get rid of the demons and bad energy? Do you run around your house butt ass naked smudging your home with burning weeds? Maybe you ring a giant bell gong, chanting at the top of your lungs and chucking tarot cards at people.

Woman’s size US 5-10.
Men’s size US 3.5-8.5


* This link is for the Go Away Bad Demon (Cute Witchcraft Crystal Socks) only.

A percentage of our net profit goes towards funding an animal rehabilitation centre of our choice.


About our Socks

BE BRIGHT AND BOLD. LET YOUR COLORS SHINE, EVEN IF THOSE COLORS ARE FREAK’N WEIRD. – I’ll tell you a secret; all the best people are a little bit crazy.

❤ Our socks are so comfortable and stretchy! They are perfect for going out and making a statement, but we mainly love them when we get home from work.
❤ Strip off your clothes, get on your PJ’s on and slide on our super cozy socks and grab a blanket; I think I hear Netflix calling… Get YO snacks!
❤ Like all our products, Rock my Sox come packaged in cute packaging, perfect for gifting & also retail ready. (Wholesale available)
❤ We have been told our stuff tends to be a statement piece/head turner; you may find people asking where you got your socks. We think this is because there is not much out there that resembles what we do over here at The Lonely Avocado. #trendsetta
❤ Birthday Gifts, Best friend gifts, Gifts for the Girl friend / Boy friend, Gifts for your sister or brother, mom or dad; holidays also, like Christmas; we got all the gifts and will always continue to create more high quality magical things for you!
❤Designed & packaged in Canada, made in PRC.

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