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Patchwork’s Journal
Clearly On Purpose

Patchwork’s Journal



Snippets of My Life

In the book are questions and promptings to reflect on and write ab​out the early years.

Our lives are like a quilt... little pieces that all come together to become something​ unique and beautiful. And like a quilt our life stories are meant to be shared and passed down.

There are 234 pages with questions and promptings to write about snippets of life... 

things like:

Where and when were you born?

Did one of yo​ur siblings ever get you in trouble?

Tell about someone who had a big influence on your life.

What food did you learn to cook or prepare first? Who taught you?

Did you love or hate school?

Give to someone you love that you would love to know their stories.  And get one for yourself and leave it for your children, grandchildren and all the great grandchildren to come in future generations.  Think about how fun it will be for others to read this long after the person is gone who has told their stories... left a little pieces of themselves behind to share.

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